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Boomerang Hotel was founded in December 2008; when two friends discovered that they shared a common interest and dreamed of wanting to build a hotel enterprise and secure their futures. Both deciding that they wanted to remain in Egypt a future plan was needed. The decision to open a hotel was made. The two wanted to have a unique hotel, combining both the Australian and the Egyptian cultures. The end product, after many many long nights, is the hotel that you see presented on this website.

Mohamed Abdou (owner/manager) born in the small village of Alglltha on the West Bank of Luxor. At the tender age of 13 he began working in the hotel industry. After 10 years, he moved to Germany with the hope of building a future. A staggering 15 years later he decided to return to where his life began; to his home; where he belongs.

Mia Tripodi (owner/manager) was born in Adelaide, Australia. She began working in the travel and tourism industry after spending several years abroad. After 6 years in the industry she decided to take a holiday to Egypt, where she fell in love with the country. She then decided to stay and build the hotel with Mohamed.


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